Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This morning, we ran out of leftover plain pancakes. I had a "trouty" (as my mom likes to call them) banana, so I made a batch of banana pancakes. I wasn't quick enough, and both boys were getting anxious, so I showed them the banana pancakes cooking.

Asher saw them and said, "NO MOM! I don't want banana pancakes. I want DAD PANCAKES!"

Yes, instead of fresh banana pancakes, Asher wanted me to take a piece of bread, tear it up, and pour syrup over it.

Those are the pancakes Nate makes for Asher when he's in charge of breakfast.


Jessica said...

That is hilarious!
Dad pancakes? Wow, I hope Mark doesn't get a hold of that recipe.
What will he think of next? Crepes for breakfast?
Perhaps an omelet with fresh veggies and bacon?
Oh well, Em, next time we'll leave the boys with their dads and we'll go get California Eggs Benedict at Crackers & Co.

Tim and Jennifer said...

That is hilarious! I love kids and the way they think!

jaredandmatisse said...

Hey, Asher has sophisticated taste.

sara said...

That's so funny!

Nate said...

Emily is oversimplyfying the "Dad Pancake" recipe. For all you dads out there who want to know how to get away with this the process takes weeks to complete, but once you are done, you will have breakfast done in a snap for probably 2-3 years.

Nate said...

I wonder if people have noticed how much a. I'm blogging and b. Nate's posting, reading, etc.

Nate is on day 18 of being at work. I think we're all ready for him to stay home this weekend!