Monday, April 7, 2008

We're in "training"

Frequent blog readers may know about Asher's obsession with trains. Recently, Asher got some fancy bridge pieces from Grammy and lots of trains from thoughtful friends. Then, Nate and I felt that we needed more track to accomodate the bridge pieces and the new trains, so we doubled our IKEA train tracks (by far, the most cost-effective wooden train tracks), borrowed some splitters from Grammy, and inherited even more tracks, again, almost doubling our train tracks, from Rachel's friend, Deborah.

I don't know how I can every repay Deborah. So, Deborah, if you ever need a kidney, give me a call...

Above is a typical train that Nate or I build for Asher. Below is a really special track that Aunt Rachel built (it's even more impressive when you see her building with a pregnant belly!).

Lest one thinks all is peaceful and idyllic in Train Land (formerly known as our dining room), we have our problems. They mostly stem from Lukezilla. He loves to wreak havoc in Train Land no matter how Asher and I try to dissuade him (crayons, cookies, even his own sacrificial Train Land, see below).

Really, I think Lukezilla wants to be part of the fun because he keeps taking tracks or trains out of someone's (usually his brother's) hand and then, gives it immediately back.


Rachel said...

At first I couldn't believe that trains could be that entertaining but, then... you see the result.

Jessica said...

Trains are great.
I just got in touch with an old friend from HS who loved trains and had one that ran around the ceiling in his room. He told me to discourage my kids obsession (if it lasted later in life) as it could result in unpopularity in HS. :(
I will do no such thing.
I love trains!
btw, cute family pic!

sara said...

Do you know if those Ikea ones fit the Brio & generic Brio tracks, like they have at Target? I'd love to get a few more fancy pieces... my son is almost 8 but my little girls like to play with them sometimes too. :)

Nate said...

Hi Sara, Brio and IKEA are compatible. I'm not sure where Deborah's tracks came from, but they work ok.

I have yet to find pieces that I can't *make* fit :)