Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer highlights

We did do some fun things over the summer (besides our trip to Utah), but I wasn't very good at documenting them.

Thanks to their friend, Max's birthday party, Asher and Luke learned that they love to bowl with bumpers. Luke gets lots of lessons in patience while he waits for his turns. Asher learned the benefits of "helping" Luke bowl to earn extra turns

We also went to see Toy Story 3. Asher and Luke have been waiting a LONG time for this movie. So, I let Luke bring his Woody.

Luke got so into the movie and the injustices perpetrated by Lotso that he would yell loudly and indignantly at the movie screen. I finally had to take him out for a bit to have a talk about the movie--why Lotso wasn't real and why he needed to be quiet.


Carrie said...

I need to take the boys bowling sometime ... looks like fun!

Adriana said...

I keep telling Damond that we should take the boys bowling... I think they would love it... and you just proved my point :D what's good for your boys definitely works for mine :D

I have been meaning to call you, because it has been way too long!

Stella said...

Movies seem SO real some time! I yell a lot at them too, sometimes I just forget.