Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Luke's Summer

We've had a summer of being lazy, gestating, and mourning, and I can't believe how behind I've gotten on blogging. So here's a summary of Luke's summer...

Luke plays with his light saber ALL DAY. When he's really into it, you'll hear him humming. I realized this wasn't a tune, but the "mmmm, mmmm" mimicks the light saber noises.

Luke also exhibits flare when flouncing his cape in his underwear. Speaking of underwear...

Potty Training:
We're working on potty training. Well, I'm working on potty training. Luke is working on sending his mom to the nut house. Luke has been wearing underwear all summer (we took a few weeks off after Starr died). Would you like to know how many times he has gone pee in the potty?

Come on...guess!
Not once...every day, I wash 5-6 pairs of pants and 3-4 pairs of underwear (I throw out the poopy ones).

I'm out of ideas. This is a little boy who calculates his accidents, so I have no doubt he's capable of being potty trained. I know he'll pee 10 minutes after we've spent 20 on the potty, when he gets put in time out, but never when we leave the house.

Luke Speak Translated:

"Blue Star Wars" = Star Wars: Episode 1 (We also call Toy Story 1 "Blue Toy Story" because the DVD is blue.) "Blue Star Wars" is a burned DVD, so it's not blue, but realizing that it's the first Star Wars, Luke realized it must be "Blue Star Wars"

"Hot Star Wars" = Star Wars: Episode 3 (watch the end and you'll see why)

You know, I always worried that people would think we were some huge Star Wards nuts who named our kid after Luke Skywalker, rather than from the Gospel of Luke. I had hoped to the name would carry with it an inherent sensitivity to all people, an eye for things glanced over by others--characteristics of Luke's writings.

But, apparently, the name will bestow the namee (?) with super powers, including jumping off one's mom's desk, having light saber fights with his brother ALL DAY, and yelling at those who choose to go to the Dark Side.


Jessica Steed said...

I feel your potty training pain.
We are (knock on wood) just starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Finn mostly poops and pees on the potty but wears diapers for sleeping.
(he likes pull-ups too much so I don't buy them, plus they're expensive)

I hear girls are easier to potty train, so perhaps the worst of this is behind you! (you can only hope)

Stella said...

oh wow. potty training. That makes my lesson plan on Beowulf look more enticing as I sit here procrastinating.