Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Asher's summer

Asher has enjoyed having his cousins, Gwen, Harrison, and Max around. Add Evan to the mix and Asher has become conditioned to believing that he needs a cousin with him pretty much 24 hours a day.

He has enjoyed cousin sleep-overs with Evan, which has convinced Rachel and me that this whole parenting gig might just be worth it if we could get Luke and Cora on the bandwagon.

Nate had the well-intentioned idea that starting Asher on video games at an early age would ensure that Asher didn't get too addicted. We're starting to see that that may not be the case. In addition to having a cousin at his disposal at all times, Asher also believes it is an inherent right to play Lego Star Wars and Indiana Jones at any time, no matter what Mom says.

Asher and I are learning how to get chores done. It's an art to decide when reminding Asher to do chores does more harm than good.

Scripture Study:
After Starr died, I felt like we really needed to find a way to get a little more spirituality in our home. With Nate's work schedule, he hasn't been able to join us much, but I have found a lot of peace reading with Asher from the Book of Mormon reader my mom let us borrow. And, I think Asher has learned a thing or two. Luke, well, we hope Luke comes around in a few years.

Mortality Talks:
Reading the Book of Mormon along with Grandpa Starr dying has given Asher multiple opportunities to have some mortality discussions with us. According to Asher, heaven is a place where you can do whatever you want, i.e. you can play Lego Star Wars all day and no one will tell you you have to get off.

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