Friday, June 18, 2010

Scenes from a Marriage: Who's Got Your Back

Actually, we've learned this past week that lots of people have our backs. Offers of babysitting, house and yard cleaning, and just genuine friendship have been given freely. We have a mountain of thank you notes to write.

Conversation 1:
Asher: Mom, you are REALLY hurting my feelings.
Mom: Asher, I'm not trying to hurt your feelings, but you've got to do what I ask.
Asher: Whatever, Mom. I'm going to have Aunt Rachel spank you bottom SO HARD.

Aunt Rachel is also the "best mom" according to Asher because she takes them swimming (see photos) and never yells at them.

Conversation 2:
Emily: Nate, tell me you made the little mouse teeth markings with a knife in the butter I left out last night, so I don't have to buy more traps.
Nate: Um, yes...yes, I was the one who did that. Certainly, not a roof rat like the one I caught while you were in Utah.


k said...

Oh no, teeth marks in your beautiful yellow butter, *shudder*

Adriana said...

oh, if only Asher remembered how he felt when you were gone... to be the "best" is never accomplished by the "real" mom :D

too bad about the teeth marks :( don't let them get your food storage again! :)

Rachel said...

If only Asher can tell Evan that I'm the "best mom" when he is 16.

Carrie said...

Nice! Perhaps more traps and a few new sticks of butter should be on your shopping list :)