Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My latest project

Once I commit to an organization, it's usually stuck with me. My Mormon feminist group, Exponent II, would be one of those groups.

Since September, one of my favorite friends, Aimee, and I have been rebuilding this historic paper as co-editors. And, today, we are excited to announce the publication of our first issue as co-editors (and the first issue since Winter 2009).

Aimee, our layout editor, Margaret, and our webdesigner, Jana, were lovely last week when I had to call 5 days before we published this issue and tell them, "Please change this and this and this and this, and I won't be of any help until next week if I'm even up to helping then."

It's been hard to get this out while we've been dealing with Starr's death, so I also want to dedicate my work on this issue to him. He was one of the best Mormon feminists I knew, and I'm grateful that he raised his sons to be like him in that respect. He always encouraged me in my graduate work in feminist studies, even expressing his pride in the work I had chosen to do. And, frankly, Starr put his own hours into this issue (Starr, could you watch the boys today, so I could get this part of the paper finished? And, what about next week when I meet with the Uppity Women's group for lunch?).

And, you can also see Nate's cousin, Tessa's lovely cover art above, and Nate's mom, Judy's diligent and inspired poetry collection as our poetry editor. Clearly, I married into an amazing family.


Aimee said...

An amazing family indeed! I remember listening to you drop your boys off with Starr during our EXII phone "meetings" and felt indebted to him then for that time he was giving you for this work.

I love seeing the hands of the whole Curtis family all over this issue and am glad you have taken a moment to memorialize their work in this post. It is impossible to imagine what we would have had for a paper without all of them.

Sending love to the lot of you . . .

k said...

Hooray for Exponent II!

Jessica Steed said...

Congrats on a job well done. You and Aimee have been so wonderful to work with.
Thanks for a great publication!