Sunday, May 16, 2010

Today was much better than the first day. I was up until 1am working on various projects (I kept telling myself I would have time to play games, but it never happened). Asher was up at 6:00am to play games. Both boys even slept through the night.

Of course, Asher has found some of Emily’s pajamas, and is sleeping with them….Disturbing….But hey, if it gets him through, who am I to judge.

Thor is another matter. He wakes up each morning and screams for mom until I come in. He then looks at me with the agriest David face he can muster and points a stern finger at me, “YOU NO MOMMY! YOU GO AWAY DAD!!” He then shrieks at the top of his lungs until I leave the room. He then resumes calling for Emily by various names until he craps himself, at which point he will let me come in and change his diaper.

As a side note, what is the deal with our parents getting after us about listening to music too loud? Thor screeching in my face is about twice the decibels of a Metallica concert. Its not like they didn’t know that was in our future. They probably just don’t like Metallica (heathans).

Church went well until Asher sprung from his seat announced in the middle of sacrament that he had to go to the bathroom and headed for the exit. I let him go figuring he is at an age where he can start doing that by himself. 5 minutes later I am getting a little concerned.

I head to the mens room and find the stall occupied by an adult male who probably now thinks I am creepy Minnesota politician gay. In the hall I am getting a little nervous until I hear Asher’s voice, “Yeah, my mom is gone.”

Finding the mens room occupied, Asher had helped himself to the women’s rest room, and made some friend in there. He was chatting it up with them while doing his business (Thanks Jamie).

After church we headed home and here I thought I had achieved a small victory. I memorialized the moment with this photo.

I was teaching Asher how to cook his own tortillas with the end goal that he can make his own bean burritos by the time Emily gets home. Asher was doing stellar work. I snapped this photo for the blog, and for Asher’s own edification. Moments later, mayhem erupted and a life almost ended. Can you guess why?

In photography classes they teach that the background of a photo is just as important, if not more important, than the subject, notice the background composition here.

That is Thor's little hand grabing a very large and very sharp knife. He proceeded to play Star Wars with the knife. He was delighted at how realistically Asher and I were participating in his Star Wars make-believe.

I did not let the boys nap today, we went to my Mother-in-laws for dinner and Thor fell asleep on the 4 minute drive. I woke him up when we arrive and carefully set him on the ground. He started walking like a drunk. I figured it was good practice for college, and a great chance for a funny family video.

I was fiddling with my phone, trying to get the video function to work, Thor was walking away from me on very unsteady feet. He then walks directly into the garage wall (Metallica concert ensues). It would have been an AFV 10k video if I was quicker on the draw.

2 days down, no deaths or permanent disfigurements, I think this is cause for celebration.

Daily Stats:
Bedtime: 8:00-9:00pm (keeping my fingers crossed)
Breakfast: I really don’t know if we did. I ran out of cheerios this morning, so things were dicey until lunch.
Lunch: bean burritos, strawberries and a knife fight.
Dinner: Provided by mother-in-law, it tasted great because I didn't have to make it (it was great anyway).
Number of phone calls from concerned relatives and friend: 8 (really guys, its probably going to be Wednesday before I am ready to resort to torture experimentation.
Number of time Thor asked for mom: 33
Quote of the day, “Dad, you are not as good at mom as mom is.” –Asher.
Right back at ya kid.


Mary said...

Ah, Nate. Well, all's well . . .

Your mother-in-law

Adriana said...

so Nate... too funny! Reading this post has made me realize that us Mom's need not a Mother's Day, but a Mother's Week! :D I am not quite sure who I look forward to hearing from the most about this week... you or Emily.
Good luck as you finish out the week :D

Jessica Steed said...

I LOVE this series. I'm not sure that I want to relieve you of any stress of parenting because it's so fun to read about your SAHD life.

My Asher loves to cook tortillas, too! They are actually pretty good little cooks, my kids. (Until Finn decided to toast our metal measuring spoons. Totally fried the toaster, the toddler was unscathed, luckily).

Please keep these posts coming and do update us on how the children fulfill you or provide more meaning in your life.

I also request a video of the kids doing a pajama dance party.

(Speaking of pajamas, I'm guessing the real reason you were upset that Asher sleeps with Emily's pajamas is that he stole them from you in the middle of the night).