Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Recap

We took advantage of the cold spell two days before Halloween to put long-sleeve shirts and pants on the boys and light a fire in the fireplace. Glad we did because it was back up to 96 degree here yesterday. Sigh...

Asher and Luke had lots of fun earlier that day (hence A's white hair in the fireplace pic) at Asher's preschool Halloween parade.

The next night was the ward Chili Cook-off and Trunk or Treat. This is also the only night that Asher was up for his full costume--make-up, white hair, and costume. He picked out the costume on his own and loved being a "flying ghost."
When he first got on the whole costume, he said, "Mom, how am I going to fly?" Fortunately, jumping off a kid sized table did the trick.

Luke was about the cutest Woody ever (though a picture of him by my un-made bed eating cereal is the best pic we've got; I guess all my blog readers know that I don't get around to making my bed much.). He kept those boot covers on all night, and I actually took away the hat because I was worried he would loose it. In retrospect, I should have just let him keep it because he was pretty darn responsible about it (well, you know, for a two year old).

And, Luke had trick or treating down! He'd say "Trick or treat" and then, "Thank you" in his cute little Luke voice. Almost makes a mom forget that he did this a little over a month ago...

This is the back of our car for Trunk or Treating. Not a bad first attempt for someone who's working on being a bit more creative...(but, next year, we'll need some fog. Don't you think?)

Nate did all the pumpkin carving himself this year. The middle pumpkin teaches kids about the dangers of drinking because really, what is Halloween, but an opportunity to teach kids our teetoaling ways?

And, here's the neighborhood crew getting ready to trick or treat. At this point, Asher would only wear the costume, but Luke was still game for the entire Woody ensemble.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!


Brooke Peterson said...

Love the throwing up jack-o-lantern! Cutest little trick-o-treaters ever.

Carrie said...

Your trunk (ahem ... your car trunk) ... looks fabulous :) And I'm having my kids hang out with yours next year. Perhaps we could get COSTUME inspired!!!

Adriana said...

Those boys are just too dang cute! We sure miss them and can't wait to see all of you in a month! :)

I hear the train park calling our names :D

Emma said...

The trunk looks great--even without the fog. The pumpkins had me laughing. J would dig them. And the costumes were so dang cute. Your boys are so handsome! And if you ever want some really cold weather, you know where to come :).