Saturday, November 21, 2009

Turkey Hunting

Luke has been pretending to be different animals lately...a lion, a dog, a giraffe (?!). But, his favorite animal is a cat. He often needs to be fed from a bowl on the floor, crawls on his hands and knees all day, and needs frequent scratches on the head.

I guess he took his cat persona a little too seriously, deciding to kill the pinecone turkeys we made earlier this week during piano lessons. He carefully removed all the feathers and the googly eyes. At least, he let them keep their beaks.


Rachel said...

Luk-zilla strikes again! I'm very sorry for the loss of your turkies AND I never got to see them in real life:( Bummer.

Brooke Peterson said...

That is exactly what a "real" cat would do to a turkey. The turkey should have gotten out of the way of that sly kitty.

k said...

This is hilarious! Quite an accurate imagination. I remember my cat bringing us the beaks of birds she had killed. Blech. At least these were not real.