Monday, October 26, 2009

Because America Runs on Apples

The little boys and I had a fun and exhausting weekend. We went up to Utah to say goodbye to my cousin, Daniel, who is leaving for his mission in a couple weeks. Daniel is one of the few people I know who can quote a Jedi master in his farewell talk and make it work, even add an additional dose of spirituality to the talk.

We got back late last night, and I decided in the morning after feeding Asher stale Dad pancakes and dropping him off at school that Luke and I would stop by Dunkin' Donuts for our breakfast (because we can't take Asher anywhere to get donuts--darn egg allergy).

So, I got us two chocolate cake donuts and ate (or inhaled) one, reminding me of morning sickness on the Boston subways and making me a little nostalgic.

But, Luke wouldn't eat his.

I begged. I tried to sneak a bit in his mouth (that's usually what I do when I'm trying to get him to try something new and sugary). What does it say about my priorities that I'll let him miss out on a bite of asparagus, but NOT a bite of donut?

He got mad. Then, he started to cry, "I want elbows."

"You want elbows?"

"No, I want elbows." (at least that's what it sounded like)

Then, I realized that Luke was turning down a Dunkin Donut chocolate cake donut for an...


I wish I wanted an apple over a donut, but I'm afraid I'll pick the donut every time.


Jessica said...

That's the worst, when you offer your kids unhealthy food and they won't eat it, but they just want the healthy food.
I always feel like a crummy mother when that happens.

My kids love fruits and veggies, too. I find myself saying, "Eat another bite of pizza before you have more applesauce." Then I think, am I crazy?

SLP said...

Theo would never make that mistake :)
Glad to see you are expanding his palate.

mraynes said...

I'm with you on the donuts versus apples, Emily!

And Jessica, the kids need protein, too! Keep pushing the pizza!

(Oh, this is actually Brandon)

jaredandmatisse said...

Thanks for the wonderful Daniel shout out. He really appreciated you all coming up! Thank you so much.I know it was a long ride. I like Apple cider donuts, so I can relate to you both (you and Luke).