Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Late Birthday

Happy Birthday Emily.

So Em turned 22 at the end of June (I know she is actually 32 now, but its an inside joke). You see, for the first 5 or 6 years we were married I was convinced Emily was turning 22 every single birthday. For some reason I just couldn't get it out of my head that she was 22 years old.

Of course if she were turning 22 this year that would make me a very odd and criminal man. This year, for Emily's birthday things were a little tight financially so we just did a low-key dinner with friends at some weird health food place that Emily picked. The food was ok, but not good enough to go back.

What was good enough to go back for was the German Chocolate Cake I made from scratch for Emily. That was the kind of cake you dream about for a week after and then cry when you wake up and realize that the cake is all gone (yeah I was pretty proud of my cake).

So as I was saying, the finances have been a little shaky for the last few months so for her birthday, my sister proposed that we go in together on a gift and buy Emily trip to Europe. So come September, Emily will be globe trotting with my sister in Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany and any other more obscure and dangerous places Maren can convince Emily to go.

When Emily leaves the boys and I are planning on converting the house to a he-man woman-haters club (no girls allowed) where we can wallow in our own filth for about 10 days until Emily gets home.

Happy Birthday Love. I know I havn't posted much for our anniversary or anything lately, but you know that you are the most important thing in my life. When you are happy I can run a million miles and leap tall buildings in a single bound. Thank you for hanging in there with me (even if I can be an annoying sap about 99% of the time).


Adriana said...

I know that was supposed to be really sweet (which it was), but for some reason I also found myself laughing alot :D

Happy Birthday to Emily!!!! I want to do that for my birthday, too! :)

Jessica said...

She's pretty remarkable, Nate.
And it's good that you always think she's younger than she really is.
In our society, there's nothing wrong with that.

Oh, and way to go with the trip to Europe. What an awesome gift. (how are you going to top that next year?)

Also, that cake was really, really good. You and Emily always make the best desserts. Can I place an order for my birthday in January?

SLP said...

Seriously SWEET times 2!

SWEET 1, that you are such a great hubby (I am sucker for saps too).

SWEET 2 that Em goes to Europe for 10 days - SIGN ME UP!

Happy Birthday Em!

Nuestra Familia said...

Great post Nate, Emily you are awesome and you deserve the delicious cake and Europe. How fun, I'm sure you will have a blast. but not sure of your house when you get home :)

EmilyCC said...

Thanks, Naters! (And, Maren!)

brandonm said...

Now I'm really sorry I missed out on the cake! You guys are awesome and we will truly miss you!

matisseclydemadden said...

Rock on Nate! Happy Birthday Em!