Thursday, July 16, 2009

Why I Love Arizona (even when it's 110+ degrees)

I guess this series can officially begin now. (Who thought we'd be so lucky to have had the coolest June since 1913?)

I love Arizona right now because it has Tempe Splash Park, which in and of itself is super fun for the boys. They run around--though Luke actually prefers to run around OUT of the water on the hot rocks and pavement-- and get good and tired. So, they take lovely, long naps, which makes Tempe Splash Park super fun for me.

Unforunately, it's often very crowded. I'm thinking of buying my kids some neon-colored shirts so I can spot them more easily.

In our extensive trips to Tempe Splash Park, we have learned that Monday mornings are the least crowded, but if you can wait for an overcast day, the splash park is darn near deserted (even though it's still 103+ degrees).

We compound our fun by stopping by Sonic for some $.99 drinks (Diet Coke with lemon for me, Blue Water for Luke, and Sprite for Asher) and driving along with the Light Rail.

If Asher and Luke wrote this series, they would include one about the Light Rail. I would except for the tantrums that get throw when it's time for us to turn away from the Light Rail's path.


brandonm said...

I'm so glad you love this weather! As for me, I'm really looking forward to Denver's climate...Until January. Then let's talk again.

Carrie said...

Next overcast Monday morning ... I'm there!