Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween from Emma the Bumble Bee

Rachel, my sister, had the cutest ladybug costume I could have borrowed because she's generous like that, but for some reason, I had it in my head that Emma had to be a bumble bee. Poor thing hated getting put in the car seat because of the full scratchy skirt, and I didn't get it together to get her antennas. Still, with that smile, I think she pulled it off. (And, yes, that's a toilet seat in the background from Nate's 2008 Halloween costume when he was the economy at the beginning of the recession. I don't know why I don't just throw it away.)

We're transitioning from 2 to 1 naps right now, so I'll need to keep these pictures around for 4 pm every day when she's so, so tired and miserable.

We went to see the grandparents, and then, the boys went trick or treating. I expected Emma to go to bed, but she was perfectly happy to sit on my lap and hand out candy. Except that she never did figure out to let the candy go. She'd pick up some candy, hover over a trick or treat bag, and then, just put her hand and the candy back down.

I think we'll be in trouble when she actually figures out what's IN the candy bags.


Rachel said...

Oh Emmaloo how I missed you last night! She's a perfect bumble bee even w/o the antena headband.

Carrie said...

Love the costume. Love the explanation of the toilet seat in the background. And the birth control post ... awesome. And the Ragnar ... WOW! Super impressive! I need to catch the exercise bug!!!

Tim and Jennifer said...

She's adorable and has gotten so big!