Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I have taken more videos of Luke than I care to admit in an attempt to get him to do the trick Nate taught him for Halloween.

Nate: Luke, are you a lion?

For the past couple days, the conversation goes like this:
Emily: Luke, are you a lion?
Luke: Noo, alk asdklfhoi woiuqm asldoigun aslkoiznh. (an explanation continues for 1 minute)

Here's the first family portrait we've had done since last Christmas (thanks, Anna!). I'm seriously considering using it as a Christmas picture. Just think, I could get my cards out BEFORE the holidays are over.

I'm in my traditional (since college, at least) Marge Simpson costume. Nate got his from Rachel's witty comment on our blog. His brown t-shirt says "Economy," and that's a new (don't worry) toilet seat around his head.

Who knows when we'll get Asher to forget about his choo-choo train conductor costume! The kid kept the jacket, hat, and tie on all night--keep in mind, the high was 95 degrees here yesterday.


Rachel said...

Its perfect!

Jessica said...

That is awesome!
I love that you all get dressed up!
Mark won't dress up, and I tried to look like a witch, I carried a broom with me through the neighborhood (carefully balancing it on the stroller), but I was lacking the hat. . .
Asher looks adorable. The conductor outfit is a hit! How did you make that hat?

Carrie said...

Love the family photo! Think it would make a GREAT Christmas card!

Good idea about the coconut milk. Where do you get it? Sprouts? I tried another supplement today and that went in ... and he spit it right back out. Nice! I get so frustrated that it's just as much a prayer for patience as it is a prayer he gains weight!!

Dave said...

Cute costumes! Halloween is so fun with little kids!!
P.S. I love the sconces you got from Crate and Barrel. They look great!!