Saturday, January 29, 2011

Expressing His Feelings

Last night after a particularly horrendous trip to Costco, the kids and I drove by Blockbuster. As we drove by, Asher said how much he wanted me to take him to Blockbuster. I said no--people had not been good in Costco and we had plenty of movies to watch at home (thank heavens for Netflix streaming through the XBox 360).

Asher said, "Mom, when you don't take me to Blockbuster, it makes me feel like..." and then, he mumbled the rest.

I was so happy to hear Asher expressing his displeasure, you know, really thinking and exploring his feelings, but now that he's in the very back of the car and I'm in the front, I didn't hear everything so I asked him to repeat.

"MOM, when you don't take me to Blockbuster, it makes me feel like I want to kill you."

Ah, yes, those were the feelings I was hoping he would express.


Tim and Jennifer said...

Oh my! Kyle says to us, "I'll kill your father!" quite frequently. Not sure where he picked that one up and I know he doesn't know what it means, just says it when he is trying to act tough. That story is priceless!

Carrie said...

Okay. Totally just laughed at that one. Wasn't expecting that one either. Love it!