Friday, October 8, 2010

Lukey, Caped Crusader

My mom had this great idea that I should take pictures of Luke wearing his cape, and in particular, that I should get some video of Luke flouncing around in his cape. I tried several times to catch Luke flouncing, but he usually does it in front of a mirror, so he can always see me sneaking up behing him.

My other problem is by the time I had the great idea to make a collage of photos of Luke in his various capes or cape-like pieces of fabric about a month ago. Right about the time that Luke stopped being as enamored with capes. Before that, for about 6 months, Luke would wear his capes school, to the store, to Church. It was very adorable unless you were his mother who ascribes to Edna Mode's ideas about capes for superheroes.


Stella said...

It's so cute! I love all the fabrics. How did he first get the idea of wearing a cape?

Carrie said...

Our boys are into being super heros ... well, as long as they can wear a cape! It makes me laugh because when Ben and I were dating, we saw a toddler at a restaurant ... in full super hero wardrobe ... and joked that we'd probably have a kiddo who did that someday. And ... now we have 2 of them!

Mary said...

You do a good job catching some of the flavor of Luke's super hero fetish. I mourn with you that you weren't able to get a photo of him admiring himself in a mirror. I wonder how he might have articulated his pleasure?