Friday, October 8, 2010

Asher's ideas

It's nice when your school picture can make your dad laugh after a 14 hour day at work. I left this out on the counter for Nate, and Nate's response, "Look at those photogenic Curtis genes coming through!" (Then, Nate said something else, but to save Asher the embarrassment as a teenager, please ask Nate what it was the next time you see him. And, Nate, um, let's keep it off the blog.)

I can't convince Asher to be anything but a Hot Wheels race car. The problem is that I remember enough about being a 5 year old to know that Asher has something very specific in mind as to what a Hot Wheels race car looks like and I have no idea what that is.

Asher has added something in his prayers that may make him my favorite..."Please bless Mom that she will get the baby out of her tummy really fast." He's been praying for that for about 3 weeks now (and we've got 5 weeks to go. I don't know if he says that so I won't be such a grump or if it's because he's really excited to meet his baby sister.


Rachel said...

I love it. Someday he'll look at that and cringe just like I do with my third grade picture. So funny. Maybe a hot wheels car from cardboard?

Stella said...

At least he doesn't have feathered bangs. That's the worst!

k said...

That's a pretty stellar picture there. I can sympathize with anyone who feels less than photogenic :)

Mary said...

The photo is everything you promised. Can't wait to get one. Future blackmail possiblities seem endless.