Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Getting Our Money's Worth

So, our morning routine hasn't been going so well lately...totally my fault.

The little boys and I rush to be ready on time, and well, we were never on time, probably because we just didn't have much structure surrounding what needed to be done--eating breakfast, brushing teeth, cleaning rooms and making beds (which I usually did by myself after Asher was at school), and chores? Yeah, Asher had no idea what "chores" were.

I made a chore chart a couple weeks ago for each boy. I still do Asher's chore with him, but the rest he does on his own (including picking out his own clothes, which makes for some interesting outfits).

Asher is amazing at this! Getting to put a sticker on each box and the promise of $1 at the end of the week is all the motivation he has needed thus far.

Luke, on the other hand? Well, we don't get to Luke's chores most days, and it doesn't feel like he's accomplishing much since I'm still doing the dressing and teeth brushing. But, maybe Luke will grow into the chart. (Although, I would SO give him a sticker for his "Helping Mom" chore if he'd take a nap--can't get more helpful than that!)

I always find it helpful when other parents post what expectations they have for their kids around chores. So, here's our charts for those who are interested:

Asher's Chore Chart
Luke's Chore Chart

We're still not anymore on time for preschool, but at least, Asher is starting to take a little more responsibility for his morning routine.


jaredandmatisse said...

Golly! Can Asher come over and help me with my chores?

alligood said...

Those are CUTE charts! I think I need to get a better system..... My screaming at my children to pick up all their crap just doesn't actually work that well.

Carrie said...

Love the charts. I just started chores with the boys. Putting their clothes in the dirty clothes basket at the end of the day ... clearing off the table. Joshua is my particular one so we set out his clothes the night before (when it's a preschool day). Ben plays "Blitz" with the boys ... blitzing a room and collecting everything that doesn't belong. They turn on ALL the lights and go as fast as they can. The boys LOVE it. Eli claims he gets a quarter for making it to the toilet on time! You know ... whatever works!!