Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Asher Hearts Tom Train

Asher loves Thomas the Tank Engine, or as he's known around these parts, "Tom Train."

We went to the railroad park for a fun family party on Saturday. Asher screamed and yelled until he got to ride "Tom Train."

And, then, he screamed and yelled as we carried him to the car. Charming...

Fortunately, my cousin got a picture of Asher on the train, and emailed it to us (thanks, Ale!). Every day, Asher will run to my computer and say, "Mom, watch Asher train."

Then, he'll look at the picture of him on the train in silence for a solid five minutes. Remembering those good times, long, long ago...

It's strang to see how Tom Train has permeated every corner of this house. Right now, Asher is wearing Tom Train pajamas, holding a Tom Train, and watching a Tom Train DVD.

We made a deal that he had to have a bath before watching Tom Train tonight (and in case you're wondering, yes, we washed him with Tom Train soap). For the first time ever, Asher handed Nate the washcloth and said, "Dad, go faster."


Alejandra said...

Hi Em, I'm so glad Asher loves to see himself on the train. He looks so cute and he is such a big boy!!
My kids love to see themselves in pictures too, they can turn on the computer and go into the photos and look at them, with a pause when they find themselves.
Hope to see you soon, Love ya

laurie said...

i have rediscovered your blog...and i'm so happy about it. i love that asher reminisces over the experience!