Saturday, October 6, 2007

Caillou's mommy and daddy and hummus

Just wanted to post a quick update (actually, I'm sick of grading papers right now)...

The boys are doing well despite me farming them out to anyone who even says, "well...maybe I could watch them for a bit," as I try to keep on top of everything I took on this semester. As I got each new too-good-to-pass-up-opportunity, I kept thinking, "This is probably a bad idea..."

Asher may be a little mad at me since I haven't been as available. He talks a lot about his new favorite parents, Caillou's mommy and daddy. Anyone (grandparents, friends, nursery leaders)hear about them. Now, Asher's speech isn't always super clear, so it usually sounds like, "Caillou's mommy and daddy mumble mumble orange juice." Or, "Caillou's mommy and daddy mumble zoo mumble moose mumble mumble."

I can't really blame him. I've never seen Caillou's mommy yell or not have dinner ready or refuse to take him to Grammy's house. She's a pretty rockstar mom from what I've seen.

And, Nate would like to point out that Caillou's daddy apparently doesn't have a job and stays home to play with Caillou all day.

I guess we should just be glad that Caillou and his parents are cartoon characters. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure Asher would find a way to take a bus to Canada.

Luke did his first real crawl last night. He was so pleased with himself; he just laughed and laughed.

The solids are coming along well for Luke, too. We were out at playgroup on Thursday at Arizona Mills. I brought hummus and pita bread for Asher and me, squash, applesauce and rice cereal for Luke. Luke ate all of his and was still starving. All I had was hummus, he's still pretty new to solids, and I thought with all the garlic and lemon, he probably wouldn't like it. I was wrong. He loved it. Now if we could just convince Nate to love hummus like the rest of us...

Ok, really, I better go grade papers...

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Emma said...

I love this! Who can compete with Caillou's parents? Although, if you think about it, their laundry is about 1/20 the size of an average household, as they only have 1, maybe 2 outfits each. So the reason they are such good parents: they spend very little time doing laundry. Another strike against them: they could be a little more proactive in figuring out their 5-year-old's baldness.