Thursday, September 13, 2007

BINGO night!

Saturday, Oct 20th, 6-9pm
Red Mountain Multigenerational Center in Mesa
(on Power Road and University)

Asher's eosinophilic disorders support group is going to do a Bingo night. It costs $5 per person (ages 3 and up). There will be prizes for every winning Bingo card. It should be fun, and the money we raise will all go directly to medical research for this disorder.

Some days, I think, "How involved do I need to be in this? Asher is doing well. Frankly, he's got enough foods he can eat now that his diet is nice and varied--we even have a few fast food resturants."

But, there are lots and lots of kids who aren't doing as well as Asher. Kids who sit and eat ice chips while the rest of their family eats dinner. Families who sneak their meals while their toddlers play because the toddler still doesn't get that he or she can't eat what every one else does. Think of all the social events we go to where food is the focal point of the gathering...

I still remember a post from my Yahoo groups over a year ago when the topic was "Helping your kid through a hard day." One mom wrote, Sometimes, when my daughter is throwing up and sad that she only gets her formula, she turns to me and says, 'Mom, do you think Dr. Putnam (the current expert on this disease) is working with those rats right now to make me better?'

Even if it's 1 am, her mom always answers, "I bet he is.

Ok, off my soapbox...come enjoy a night of Bingo! We will!


Jessica said...

I found your blog! Bingo night sounds fun. I'll be ready to have a baby, but assuming my luck isn't to have this one 16 days early, we'll try to come. What is eosinophilia, btw? It sounds like a pretty difficult disorder. Is there a website you could send me to?
Also, this is a cute blog. Here's ours, but we haven't updated it recently.

Kate said...

This has nothing to do with bingo... but Jessica is my neighbor. How do you know her? What a small world!