Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Dear American Association of Pediatrics

Dear American Association of Pediatrics,

You know, I didn't handle the whole "no cold medicine for kids under 6" all that well a few years ago. And, now, we have to keep toddlers backward facing in carseats until they're 2?

I feel like you're out to get me. You come put my 25 pound baby in her carseat for the next 10 months, ok?

The mom who's been up all night with a 4 year old with a cold


Kate said...

Wait, what??? Why haven't I heard this? Luckily my "baby" will be two in a couple of weeks. This is crazy.

As for the cold medicine... I still give it to my little girls (basing my estimated dosage on their weight)... because their brothers had it when they were little, and well... I just don't want the girls to think I'm being unfair. :)

Rachel said...

I just want you to know that I asked in all seriousness to my pediatrician if she was joking about the car seat thing. Lame. Also, I've been giving Noelle Tussin DM for coughing. Must be an older bottle since it still says she can have it. Oh well, it works.

EmilyCC said...

Between us, I totally give my kids cold medicine still (I do what Kate does), I just ran out yesterday.

And, I'm still mad at whoever told me about the whole backward facing carseat thing. I think it was Parents magazine. Curse them.

Michael said...

1. Give cold medicine to everybody; or Wild Turkey
2. Let 'em face whatever way they want; car seat-commissars make Newt look reasonable (and if they didn't change their minds, you wouldn't have to buy a new car seat every year).
3. In fact, forget car seats. Buy a pick-up and let them ride in the back.
4. Also let them swim right after eating, climb trees, shoot siblings with bb-guns, make home-made explosives and run with scissors.
If you need help with any of the above, call me; I'm an expert--can Asher and Luke come over and play?

Nuestra Familia said...

My dr asked me if I knew about the new car seat rules. I told her yes, I knew...thank you. It's the worst when they don't ask you but instead ask your talking child. They always tell the truth.
Sam has been facing forward since 10 months. He likes watching everyone but was still not happy u til I fixed the dvd player. Now he loves him some Diego:)

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