Sunday, September 4, 2011

Luke and God's Plan

For our upcoming church primary kids' program, Luke was given a part, "I can follow God's plan by [fill in the blank]."

Nate and I are worried that he'll get to the pulpit, decide to be funny and say one of his two favorite "bad" words. "Poopy diaper" or "boobies."

So, we've been working on helping Luke fill in the blank. Here are some of the "blanks" Luke has offerred:
I can follow God's plan by:
eating marshmallows
eating dinner
eating bananas
speaking English (?!)
playing with trains
poopy diaper (we all knew that was coming, didn't we?)
giving hugs

So, we're going with, "I can follow God's plan by giving hugs." Fingers crossed that he'll actually say it come the big day.


Adriana said...

LOL!!!! :) I can't wait to hear what he says :D

I really hope the boys and I get to sneak away from my family to see you guys in a couple of weeks :D

Aston Family said...

Hahaha! Your kids crack me up! Glad you guys are doing well :) Miss you guys!!