Monday, August 29, 2011

Your Car is Awesome!

This picture taken at Luke's preschool's picture day last April (I know, I'm behind on blogging. Sigh...) made me laugh out loud.

Could there be a post more unnatural for our Lukey boy?

This picture has nothing to do with the pose, I just couldn't keep it to myself.

Last week, Luke, Emma, and I had to do some errands downtown. So, we were driving, and Luke said, "Mom, look at that awesome, awesome car."

It was some sort of 1960's classic Camero looking car (um, let me point out, I know NOTHING about cars. That's my best shot at a description.). It was grey with some red stripes on it.

Luke said, "I want to talk to those guys. Roll down my window."

I looked, and they were two men, about my age, probably, driving with the windows down (which means their classic car had no air conditioning, and it was 111 degrees that day), mopping their faces with a towel.

We're all stopped at a stop light, and I figure it'll probably make the guys' day or at the worst, they'll ignore Luke.

So, I get ready to roll down Luke's window when he says, "Wait, Mom. I have to put on my sunglasses."

Luke gets on his Buzz Lightyear sunglasses and says, "I'm ready."

I roll down the window, and Luke gets shy.

Then, he yells, "Hello! My name is Lukey boy!" right as the light changes.

The men smile at him and are getting ready to drive off, so I roll down my window and say, "My son wants to tell you that you have an awesome, awesome car."

The men smile, wave at Luke, and drive off.

And, Luke still wants to know when we're going to see "those guys" again.

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Clint said...

Haha, that's kinda cute. Kids, especially boys, love cool cars. It was pretty cool of those guys to smile and wave. Your kid probably liked that, too.

-Clint Moore