Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Staycation Disasters

Maybe we won't try a staycation again...

Loosing Luke at the water park--twice.

Waiting an hour to eating dinner at a very expensive and not well air-conditioned resturant

Nate almost getting arrested while watching fireworks

Walking 25 minutes with 3 kids to the breakfast buffet only to find out it was closed and moved to the main lobby of the resort...a 30 minute walk

Luke pooping on the pool deck after we had checked out of our hotel room and handing Emma to some strangers at the pool while Luke and I ran around to try and find a bathroom.

Asher needing to poop 5 minutes after returning Luke.


Rachel said...

Glad to know chaos follows others too. Sorry I laughed.

Aston Family said...

Hahahaha! Your kids crack me up!!! :) Hope you guys had fun! Hope some good memories were made :) Miss you all!

Jessica Steed said...

The more I read about your vacations, the more I think we'll never vacation with your family (maybe w/o your kids)