Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Buddy Bear and Asher

For a school project, each kid in Asher's kindergarten class took home "Buddy Bear" for a week, wrote about their adventures with him, and took some pictures of what they did together.

I was a little horrified (given our school's tendency to have lice outbreaks and my general germ-phobias) to see children sleeping with Buddy Bear, eating with Buddy Bear, playing at parks with Buddy Bear while I touched Buddy Bear and realized that if he had ever been washed, he would fall apart.

But, I tried to be a good mom, and we had a picture with Luke and Asher having ice cream with Buddy Bear, and then, I tried to be really brave and let Asher read a book to Buddy Bear and Emma.

Imagine my surprise when I downloaded this picture (and a few others), which show Emma munching on Buddy Bear. Sigh...


D'Arcy said...

Oh dear! That would horrify me! But, as my grandmother always said, "What won't kill will help to fill." She raised 8 kids during the depression :)

Mary said...

Wow. Well, think of all the stuff Luke has put in his mouth. No, don't.