Saturday, February 20, 2010

Black History Month Easy Family Home Evening

I'm not one of those fancy moms who has Family Home Evening (FHE) with a lesson, a treat, a song, a scripture, and a game that are all thematically linked. Noooo....

We do a Church song (kid's choice), then, Nate or I yell a lesson over the boys' playing or fighting, and we end with a prayer.

And, then, we wonder why on earth we do this to ourselves while saying another prayer that our children will not be completely devoid of some sort of moral compass when they get older.

But, tomorrow, we'll have a super fancy FHE. I found Moses: When Harried Tubman Led Her People to Freedom at Barnes and Noble yesterday. Throughout the book, God guides Harriet to freedom by talking to her as she runs towards freedom.

A perfect story for emphasizing faith, courage, and listening to that still, small, voice while celebrating Black History Month. (Heck, you can get a twofer here--read it next month for Women's History Month!)

Now if I practice reading it outloud a few more times before tomorrow, perhaps I'll get through it without crying.


Emma said...

Your FHE sounds a lot like ours. When we asked Little J what he learned in FHE last night he said, "all that stuff papa said and whatever!" That book looks great, I'll have to look it up.

Stella said...

Thank you for bringing awareness of this month to your family. It's really easy to forget it, especially if you're not black. Great ideas!!

jaredandmatisse said...

Keep practicing, but I don't think you will make it through without crying. That looks like an incredible book. I am going to seek it out.