Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Favorite Christmas Present

It took me a while to get a semi-decent picture of one of my favorite Christmas presents this year. In fact, I think you all must come over and see it in person because really, my pictures don't do it justice.

I've asked Nate for a gift from my friend, Aimee's Etsy shop for a few birthdays and Christmases now, and he'd keep loosing the link. So, this year, I was rather annoying. Sending him links, having Aimee send him links, and asking him every couple of days if he did it.

He did, and I LOVE what he and Aimee picked. Aimee does the most beautiful stained glass work with Madonna and Child pictures. (Well, everything she does is beautiful. I mean, you should have seen this woman's home in Massachusetts on a graduate student budget, no less!)

Every time I look at this piece, it just lifts my spirits. To think of my friend's hands making it, to see the picture of Mary and Jesus, and to bask in its warm glow (again, you can't tell from the picture, but really, it glows!). It's just wonderful.

Oh, and my other favorite Christmas present? Nate taking down ALL of Christmas while I went on a day trip with my brother and his wife during the Winter Break.


Adriana said...

I does look beautiful and one day, I hope to see it in person :D
I love custom artwork!

That was very nice of Nate! I was so glad to not have to mess with any decorations this year :D

I wish we could have gotten together more :( say hi to the boys for us!

Margaret said...

Hurray! I gave Aimee's suncatchers to my sisters-in-law this Christmas and they were a huge hit. She is amazing.