Thursday, August 6, 2009

Caring, Sharing, Every Little Thing That We are Wearing

This is a belated birthday post for my sister, Rachel--that tall, skinny drink of water on the right.

A few weeks ago, I was offerred two classes to teach online. Teaching contracts haven't been coming in much lately, so I was suprised. And, I debated (was the money worth a stressed-out Emily for 5 weeks?), but I remembered that the last time I taught this particular class, I had 6 students.

So, I'd have, what?...12 students?
Instead, I have 34...

Who each turn in 3 papers a week (102 papers for me each week!). And, if you're on Facebook, perhaps you saw the countdown I did one week while I graded with a fever from strep throat--got a little punchy there.

Anyway, this class started the week before our big family reunion, which left me flitting from my classes to getting ready for the trip, not really getting anything done, and panicking about everything (I caught myself thinking, "Oh my gosh, Asher will be wearing 4 different navy shirts on this trip. What kind of mother will my family think I am?! "--really, I thought this and worried about it.).

That's when my sister, Rachel, called. "Bring the boys and you can grade here," which got me out of the house to one of my kids' favorite places (Aunt Rachel's is almost as good as the choo-choo train park).

And, I got a TON done.

She wasn't even phased when at 4 pm, I said, "Um, I have 14 more papers, and Nate is working late. Can we stay for dinner?" (Yeah, don't have me over as a house guest.)

She made us a lovely dinner and a special allergy-free one for Asher, too.

Then, I had to confess, "Um, the only dress that I'll be able to wear to the family picture (with the bloated upset vacation stomach I like to "pack" whenever I travel) is the dress I wore to the last Clyde family picture, three years ago."

Rachel says, "You can wear the dress I got for Cora's blessing, and I have these fierce shoes that look awesome with it!"

So, I went home that night about ready to cry with gratitude for a sister who watched my kids, fed us all dinner, and gave me a cute dress to wear in our family picture. And, this is just one day that serves as an example of how she helps me.

Thank you, Rachel, for being such a good sister to me. I love you and happy belated birthday!


Adrianne said...

honestly I have tears streaming down my cheeks. what a wonderful blessing to have such an amazing sister!!

Kate said...

First of all, that is such a great picture with your grandma. I LOVE your dress and Rachel's dess is so darling. I think she put it on her blog. Is that Matisse next to Rachel? She's so stunning.
This post was such a lovely tribute. And this is why I really want my next baby to be a girl. Paige needs a sister.

Carrie said...

Very cute dress :)
Where are you teaching?

Rachel said...

You kill me! REALLY. I only hope I can be the sister to you that you've always been to me REALLY one day doesn't make up for the 27 years you've held my hand for!
PS Am I rosemary clooney or vera ellen?

matisseclydemadden said...

Yes, I think we all know Rachel would be worshiped as a Goddess if it wasn't sacrilege. I had no idea your class was that full! Ugh.

Tim and Jennifer said...

So sweet. Love it.