Thursday, December 4, 2008

And now for something completely different!!

What happens when the French and Canadian militaries collaborate on a project?

Asher gives this video a great big "Oh No!" whenever I play it for him.


Adriana said...

oops :) very funny!

also, did you know your very smart son has figured out how open child-proof locked doors!?!?! :) you should have seen his face when he did it... and saw that I saw... :)

Nate said...

He figured that out about 2 days after I installed the child-proof doors in our house.

He tries to only do it when there are no adults around for obvious reasons.

I honestly almost took back the childproof stuff because I was so mad that it took him all of a couple of hours to figure out not just the door handle childproof things, but also the cupboard latches that kids are supposed to not be able to do.

And Emily, and Asher's grandmas think he is a little slow.

EmilyCC said...

Adriana, was it Asher or Luke? That Asher has always been a wiz at childproofing :)

I still am amazed that you can keep 4 boys under the age of 4(especially those 4 boys) alive and entertained all those hours!

sara said...