Monday, March 3, 2008

Admit it, you wish you lived here right about now...

We've had a couple friends come see in 2008. We love that!

To the rest of you in cold, dark, wintery places, don't you want to come to sunny Arizona? We'll take you to the zoo--you'll have to wear sunblock, and you'll get hot!

You can pet the stingrays with Luke.

And, make friends with the giant frog like Asher (I had to coax Asher forever to get him to hold still long enough to take the picture with the frog, and then, when I go to take the picture, he holds her hand?!)

Mom, let's go home. It's time for us to take our naps.

Come on, you deserve a vacation :)


Kate said...

Hasn't it been LOVELY lately? Of course we went to the zoo a week and a half ago and it RAINED on us! Oh well.
You are cute. Your hair looks blond again. It's very pretty. I'm thinking about changing mine again too.

Emma said...

Oh, do you have to rub it in? I'm so, so, so, so jealous. We would love to come visit. Pesky airline costs... and responsibilities. The boys are so handsome!

sara said...

So fun! We have been loving this weather and spending so much time outside lately! I think Asher looks just like your brothers in that zoo stroller pic - what a cutie :)