Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In the Back of Our Car

Asher: Mom, I need go D.E.D stowr (having seen Blockbuster)

Mom: No, kiddo, we’re not going to Blockbuster today. You can get a DVD another time.

Asher: Ok (because now, we're driving past McDonalds)…Mom, I wahnt fen fyes.

Mom: Here, you can have some bunny graham crackers, but we’re not getting French fries today.

Asher: Moooom, I wahnt tum fen fyes. (begins to cry)

Luke: Uh, uh, uh, uh (gets increasingly louder)

Mom: Asher, can you give Brother Luke some bunnies?

Asher: Ok. Heh you go, Brudder Yuke.

Asher: (suddenly, with great urgency) Mom, I wahnt dyet coke.

Mom: Asher, we’re just here to get gas.

Asher: No, I wahnt dyet coke! Dad dyet coke!

Mom: I know, Dad gets Diet Coke here all the time, but we just need to get gas. Do you want to go to the store?

Asher: Ummm, ok. I wahnt go to stow. Get foot snacks.

Mom: Ok, we’ll go to the store and get fruit snacks, but only if you promise to go pee in the potty when we get home.

Asher: No, Mom, I go pee in my pahnts. No go in potty.


Rachel said...


I'm SO sorry! I have very similar conversations with Evan while driving in the car, if it makes you feel any better.

Kate said...

So familiar. Well, a couple of years ago. I was laughing the whole time I was reading, and Tyson came over to see what was so funny. But then he didn't "have the energy to read all of that." Asher will get the potty training thing down. Tyson was about 2 3/4 but Sam was 3 1/4. Thanks for the birthday email. :)

Alejandra said...

That is so funny and true. Mario always ask me for a slurpee every time I stop at 7-11. It's nice they kids can tell you what they want but they never stop asking, at least my crazy kids. Thanks for making me laugh, you are the best!

SLP said...

Hang in there...I am sure conversations at HDS were at a similiar level :O)

Emma said...

LOL. Sad how they become brand conscious so soon. And thank goodness for fruit snacks.