Monday, March 12, 2007

No news is good news (or bad)

Saturday was Asher's second birthday. And, what did we do? We spent most of the day at Phoenix Children's Hospital's Emergency Department. Apparently, Asher has learned how to:

a. open the childproof doorknob
b. use a footstool, cabinet handles, and his little monkey feet to climb into the bathroom sink
c. open a childproof bottle of Excedrin

While we were 95% sure that Asher didn't actually eat any of the Excedrin, the 5% started making me see images of either a dead Asher or Asher's dead liver. Either way, I finally decided we had to go. After a couple hours of waiting to take the blood test and a couple hours of waiting for the results of the blood test, we found out that Asher hadn't so much as licked an Excedrin. So, I must admit to everyone: Nate was right.

The bad news is that there are no signs of impending labor, and I remain very pregnant. Phoenix's record highs (yesterday was 96 degrees) and my rather large size have made me a not-so-fun person.

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Kate said...

Such a cute shirt on Asher! I'm glad he's okay. Hope his brother arrives soon!